Resources for Military Families Wanting to Adopt

Resources for Families Wanting to Adopt

Military Support Links

There are many options available to help military families navigate the maze of adoption and pay for it.

The resources we’ve gathered should help you begin your journey…

Adoption Financing Information
Many families looking to adopt have found that they simply cannot afford the cost of adoption, and have turned to Adoption Financing Information for assistance. Visit this website for info about adoption loans, adoption grants, and other ways to earn money or finance your adoption.

Military Family Resource Center
A resource for enhancing the effectiveness of military family policy and programs.

Association for Christian Conferences Teaching and Services (ACCTS)
Teaches, counsels, mentors, and improves lives of military families worldwide. Life-changing skills and principles that transform the people who change their nations.

Office of Work-Life Programs: Adoption Reimbursement
Available to active-duty Coast Guard, as well as Coast Guard Reservists on active duty for at least 180 days.

Christian Military Fellowship (CMF)
An association of believers who are committed to evangelizing the United States armed forces and discipling Christians who are in the military. CMF involves all elements of that society including all ranks, family members, and civilian employees.

Military One Source
This website contains information that will help you better understand the adoption process and its potential challenges for military families.

Military Family
The National Military Family Association provides support for families adopting.

Sokolove Law
Health care resources for veterans.

Called to Adoption Information and Advice for Christians Considering Adoption
When you’re thinking of adopting a child, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This book is full of great stories, examples from adoptive parents, helpful resources, tips for any adoptive parent, and encouragement to carry you along your journey to adoption.

Adoption Step by Step Guide to Adoption
Adoption: Your Step-by-Step Guide offers practical easy-to-follow guidelines for anyone interested in adopting a child. Whether you’re adopting an older child or an infant, this amazing book tells you everything you need to know.



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